VSOM - Nicaragua Day 4

Hey everyone! This update was written by 2nd year student, Carly Sage:

Today was our first ministry day, and I am overwhelmed completely with the heart of Jesus. We did several "programs" in different areas of Managua. Programs mean that we get to invite kids to come and play with us, and then we dance and do skits with them, preach the gospel, and pray! We did three today and we got to see so many kids. Some of us dressed up like clowns, others played soccer, and we loved on them.
  Personally I thought that maybe the heat would get to me, or I would get sick, but not even losing luggage has made any difference in the spirit of this team. We love this city, and we love what the Lord is doing. We see Him around every corner, and we see Him in every face. The church was never meant to be American, it was meant to be everyONE. My heart is so full to see more of the church here in Nicaragua. God really loves Nicaragua.
  To end our day of Ministry today, we led a church service here in the city of Managua. Brenden led worship with Caleb and Juleah, Nina shared her testimony, we got to share a dance and a skit, and then pastor Joey and I preached the resurrection of Christ. We laid hands on everyone in their church and played with so many kids. Their church was beautiful.
   Thank you for all of your prayers and love at home. We can really feel your support! We love you all the way from Nicaragua!