VSOM - Nicaruagua Day 3

Good Evening folks!

What a wonderful time in the Lord we've had these last hours. Though we haven't actually begun our ministry to the people of Nicaragua, we have began to prepare our hearts and body's. Today we practiced our dances and learned many other dances and dramas that the Nationals taught us. It was truly a joy to worship with with fellow believers of other languages and of course another nation. :)

The food... Mercy!!! The food has been PHENOMENAL here. Don't be surprised if VSOM comes back a few pounds heavier! The rice soup at Panera has absolutely nothing on the rice and beans here! #GiveHimPraise

We are so thankful for the hearts of the people here to serve us as we serve them.

Today ended with us spending time with Jesus and pressing into his heart. Oh how I want to love people the same way Jesus loves them...

We are beyond excited to start street ministry tomorrow! We will be doing four kids programs/services tomorrow, as well as one adult service in the evening.

Church, please keep us in your prayers, we have seen several attacks so far but nothing with stop us from sharing the Love of the father.

 "Until Every tribe and tongue sings God's praise... send us out!"

Goodnight y'all!
Love you!!

Bren Lewis