Scotland Update #5

Another beautiful and sunny day that the Lord has blessed us with in Scotland! Many have told us that this sunshine is very unusual, and without a doubt a blessing from God.

To start off our day, a small group went with Mike and successfully climbed Arthur's Seat, an over 800 ft., steep and rocky climb, to a breathtaking view of the city.

Natalie, Pam and Tim, then shared with a group of 35 or so high school students, about their experiences on the mission field around the world. During Tim's time of sharing, he had the kids close their eyes and imagine that they were riding a boat across the Amazon River, and just as the boat arrived in a small village on the other side, and he said, " Now open your eyes, and don't be alarmed", the fire alarm went off in the school!! We all had to exit the school, and wait for the "all clear" to go back in. We were happy to see that all of the students, and some extras, came back to hear the rest of the story. The leaders were very encouraged by this, because they said that the students didn't have to return if they didn't want to. A thought that Mike had about the timing of that fire alarm was, The Lord is sending the fire to Scotland!

Another group went to George Watson's private elementary school to work with the younger students. After Steve's strong man presentation, a 10 year old girl came up to him and said, "Sir, thank you so much for teaching me more about God". What an awesome way to end the presentation.

A third group went to All Saints Cafe to help serve breakfast/lunch, while interacting with all of those who entered. They also prayed for a man with medical issues.

In the afternoon we hand some free time to spend on the Royal Mile, shopping, walking, taking a tour of the Edinburgh Castle, St. Gile's Church, and enjoying a coffee or Chai tea at Starbucks. 

Thankful for another full day of sharing, fun, and a goodnight's sleep!

Pam Beebe