Our Scotland team has safely arrived in Edinburgh, and is already ministering!

Our good,good father

  Sunday was an awesome day, we started with fellowship and singing to OUR GOOD GOOD FATHER. That was the theme for the day and it was amazing that everywhere we went these were the words spoken. Our first service was at all Nations, a neighborhood church that truly has people of all nations. Steve entertained them while telling of God's love, all were amazed by his strength, and touched by his heart.

   Our next service was at Bridge Family Church, a small but growing church as prophesied by Steve and the pastor. It is truly amazing to me at the unlikely places you will find a church here in Scotland, when there are so many empty church buildings. It has been prophesied that there will be a move of God in Scotland, and it will be the youth that will lead it, which leads to our next service.

   We went to Elim Church in Morningside District. We ministered to the youth, Steve sat and encouraged and ministered to the youth, he has a heart that is bigger then he is. Cassie gave her testimony about The Father and her father, how God works! Then Natalie sat and took us to The Lord, such a gentle, loving and fierce heart she has. Once again it is the younger generation leading us to God and showing us the way. 

   I am so very excited about the rest of this trip and what God has for us and this country.  

 JoAnne Bolinger