ESA Easter Party 2016

Last Saturday, April 23rd we hosted an Easter Party and Easter egg hunt for the kids of ESA Park Apartments. (Yes, we know Easter was in the end of March, but it's Ohio - the weather would not have cooperated then.) :)

I love going down to this little community. Some of these children come from really rough family situations. A lot of them walk up hesitantly, watching us from the corner of their eyes. Sometimes within minutes they are playing jumping and having fun... Some take a little bit longer though, and slowly the facade of toughness they put on falls away and the kid inside of them comes rushing out. 

Racing for candy.

Racing for candy.

Some of our wonderful students from United joined us in reaching out to this community. They played with kids, dressed up as the Easter Bunny and put on a skit depicting some of the misconceptions people have about Easter and what the truth really is! Then Danielle Vitto stepped up and shared about Jesus coming to die for us and that being the real reason we celebrate Easter. 

Finally the kids were released to run for the Easter Eggs - we were blessed with over 900 Easter Eggs, so these kiddos got lots of candy and left very happy!

Thank you so much to all those who donated candy, eggs and came and volunteered! Jesus is shining His light into this community and we are so excited to be a small part.


All our love,

Pastor Joelle Rauch and Victory Compassion Ministries Local Outreach.