Romania Team - Final Update

Our amazing team from Romania has safely returned home! We are so amazed and proud of all of the hard work they did and the lives that they impacted!


This marks the last day that the whole construction team will be working together, as tomorrow is a personal day. However, a few are going to stay behind to finish putting the sheathing on the trusses, so that the roof can be closed in. So, much was accomplished today! PTL! I have included a few pictures for your enjoyment:

AMAZING....THEY WERE ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH CONSTRUCTING A 4,000 square foot building in only a week....What mighty men we have at VCC!!

After their work day today, they all met with the orphan kids to had dinner with them:
After dinner, the team took the kids back to the building site to do a Bible Study. Here, Mark gave a study on the Foolish Man & the Wise Man, found in Matthew 7:24-27. As an opener, Mark divided the kids into two teams; one representing the foolish man, and the other representing the wise man. Then he gave each of them some wood and nails and had each team build a house. The wise man team had to build it on the concrete/foundation of the building; while the foolish team had to build theirs in a pile of sand. Needless to say, the kids were able to visualize the importance of a strong foundation; representing our spiritual walk with the Lord. 

Continue to lift our team members in your prayers that they will enjoy their last day, and that they will gain their strength for their journey home tomorrow night, as they have spent themselves working hard all week! I will keep you posted during their journey back to the states! 

Day 6:
Below is a word from one of our team member's, Kaitlyn Osborn, who has been ministering at the baby hospital with Donna Reed:

These past few days we've been showing these babies God's unconditional love.  Since most of them are developmentally behind we've been helping them walk, helping them feed themselves, doing massage therapy and just hugging on them.  Many of them have no trust for anyone because of what they've been through, so any amount of happiness we can bring them is worth it.  It is amazing how attached you can get to them in just a short week.  My heart breaks thinking thattomorrow is our last day here.  But Donna and I have not held anything back and will continue to pour into these children.  Thank you for your prayers.

Day 5
Today was another successful day as our construction team was able to complete the second floor, and 1/3 of the floor joists for the 3rd floor attic. Tomorrow, they are hoping to complete the floor joists on the 3rd floor, as well as, start building the rafters for the roof. Please pray for safety, as now they are getting very high in the air - approximately 30-32 feet high. 

The women, Donna and Katelyn, went to the baby hospital today, and spent a few hours loving on them.  This is always such an important time to be able to have someone to hold these babies, as many are sick and have been so brutally abused by their parents that they need love to heal their little bodies. Remember these two as it is very difficult to leave the little ones after you spend time with them...a special bond seems to take place and it gets very difficult to leave them behind.

After dinner this evening, they took some time off and went to the hot springs. This was very refreshing for all of them, as they have been working very hard
 thus far! Continue to pray for strength and health, and for continued good weather!

Thank you again VCC Family, for all of your support and prayers in sending this team out! There has been tremendous fruit, and many lives will be changed in the future through your faithful giving and sending out. 

To God be the glory!