Team El Salvador 2016 - Update #1

                                                            Team El Salvador 2016

                                                            Team El Salvador 2016

We are so proud of all of VCC Team El Salvador and the incredible work they are doing for The Lord with Castillo Del Rey or "Kings Castle" Ministries in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Braving the far below freezing temps on Saturday morning, they packed up their bags and boarded a plane for the journey to Central America. From the moment they hit the ground there have been amazing reports and testimonies coming through! Here are just a few from team leader Mandy Diaz and others!

Mandy Diaz:  

"What a day we had! We went to church today & Don Triplet brought a powerful message . Who will fight your giant? 1 Samuel 17:45
He had an altar call where we we had the opportunity to minister to people who needed prayer.

As you know you go on mission trips thinking you are going to be a blessing to others but as always God does something in your own life. Dave Dilullo has been having a lot of pain inhis knees for a long time. We do a lot of walking here & he told his wife that when they get home he needs to see a doctor b/c of the pain. A man came up to Dave for prayer & when they asked him what he needed he said he has pain in his knees. Dave knelt down & prayed for healing for the man & as he was praying Dave felt the pain in his own knees leave. PTL! Continue to pray as we start our work week tomorrow!!"

Maria Cercone:

First day of ministry has come to its completion! What a wonderful day it was!! Our medical, hair, and evangelism teams left the construction team at the camp to work on their project, and we headed out to a place called Mira Flores. 

After a 2 1/2 hour bus ride we arrived at an Assemblies of God church. The hair and medical teams set up for the clinic and the evangelism team went out to do programs! We did three programs total, one program in the streets and then two at two different schools.
Our evangelism team did such an excellent job!! They passionately ministered the unconditional love of Jesus to the children. Beautifully, we are all operating as one team. Both Salvadorans and Americans alike, we are already coming together as one as we minister the Gospel.

During our second program of the day Tony Zarella shared his testimony with high school students. It was so impactful and we could see in the eyes of the kids, as he spoke they connected with the heartfelt sincerity of Tony's words. Pastor Andrew Hedglin then carried on the time of ministry and presented an altar call. Our lovely intern and one of Victory's own, Nicole Bone finished the call by speaking a strong message God had put on her heart. The youth that responded meant business with God. Their lives were touched. The empty void they had in their hearts was made full with Jesus' love. And that is why we're here!!!!
There were many salvations today and many numeric statistics to report, but the best report of all to make is that Jesus was made known today and now lives in the hearts of more of his precious children. His love is undeniable and it leads us!! 
Until tomorrow Victory Family... Amor y abrasos desde El Salvador!! (Love and hugs from El Salvador!!)"

Please continue to pray for health, strength and protection for each team - Evangelism, Hair cutting, medical and construction.