From Our Heart to Our Hand

We hear on the nightly news of the latest heartbreaking event that has taken place, and think to ourselves, "this world needs Jesus!" The choice of whether we shake our heads and feel overwhelmed by the issues, or partner with God in changing our world is entirely up to us. God's love has always been an action, but what does it look like to love like Him?


The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand (Matt 2:3) is something John the Baptist proclaimed as he prepared the way for Jesus to come. Many times we loose sight of this truth. As sons and daughters of God, the Kingdom of Heaven is truly at our hand to release in our world, and reveal Jesus. However, many times we feel overwhelmed by the world's issues, and that in the natural what is in our hand isn't enough. That's because it's not...


When the little boy gave Jesus his 5 loaves and 2 fish (John 6) he could have easily thought his portion was too small to make a dent in the issue and not offered it to Jesus. But, Jesus didn't ask the little boy to feed the masses, He asked him for what was in his hand! In the natural what was in the little boys hand wasn't enough, but when he was obedient and gave Jesus what was in his hand He made it more than enough.

Last Monday on Halloween night 5 homes from 4 different cities took the compassion in their heart for the people in the neighborhoods, and used what was in their hand to love over 570 total in their world. They were an incredible example of what it looks like to reach their world in a practical, yet powerful way. We celebrate what God did through their obedience, and look forward to what He continues to do through the rapport and relationships that were built!

What does your heart recognize is a need in your neighborhood or the world? We challenge you to ask God how He wants to use what is in your hand to change the issue. Give it to Him, even if you feel like it isn't enough. Let Him multiply what you have to make a true, lasting impact in someone's life. Let Him do big, supernatural things through you so all the world sees is Him; So He gets all the glory.