And just like that.. Our Romania Team returns from the field and our El Salvador Team hits the ground running!


This team is represented by 4 of our 8 VCC Campuses including - Boardman, Liberty, Coitsville and New Wilmington and is led by the amazing Maria Cercone. They are an evangelism team out in the streets of San Salvador, El Salvador, loving on the kids and families of this beautiful nation and working with Kings Castle, whom we sent a team to serve with back in february. 


On day one they traveled there, day two they did team training to learn all the dances and drama's they would be performing on the streets. Day 3 and Day 4 updates are below.


Please continue to pray for them as they minister and share the love of Jesus. 



By: Maria Cercone


There are few things I enjoy more than the love of family!! With that said let me say that this morning we went to the main King's Castle church called The Tent of Miracles. Pastor Mario spoke about the importance of guarding our hearts. For me personally it was such a lovely time because I was able to see many of my former Last Harvest classmates, friends, and El Salvador 'family'!!!

In the afternoon we did our first program under powerful sunshine and heat in the middle of a street in Nejapa. Later we did another evening service held at a house church. Pastor Andrew and Josh Rouse lead the worship time, Nancy Kisling shared her testimony, and Nicole Bone preached the Word!
A woman in attendance had been going through a very difficult time and Danielle Phillips felt God put on her heart to tell this woman that, He would heal the wounds of her heart. The woman began to cry when she heard these word. Through Danielle's obedience to Holy Spirit Francesca, the woman truly felt a touch of love from God and the beginning of a great breakthrough.

When we returned to camp for our dinner we surprised Jason Walters with a cake and celebrated his birthday!!!! Following cake we rallied around him and the guys threw him into the pool!!! :)

What a great day and time we are having!!

Tomorrow we will hit the streets bright and early!! Keep the prayers coming!! God is good and we will declare His Love to this nation of El Salvador!!!!!




By: Laura Misotvich

Monday's over and what a day it was! Words cannot begin to describe how miraculous our time here in El Salvador has been!!!

Just as Maria had said that we would in her last post, we hit the streets bright and early this morning (but not until after we sat down for breakfast and kicked around the "football" with some of the most incredible disciples of God I've ever met--the staff and masters commissioners here at King's Castle, who serve with such humble hearts and warm smiles).

We went out to evangelize in a very impoverished city--a city of much unrest, with a lot of broken families and a lot of gang violence.  As we walked the streets, families welcomed us into their homes to pray for peace, health, safety and for breaking the chains of poverty.  At least one woman accepted Jesus into her heart for the first time.

It was incredible that even though there was a bit of a language barrier (for some of us), we were able to connect with people and families on such a deep level. There was so much compassion and so much love that you could just feel it. It was like we were able to communicate without the words. In fact, we even forget sometimes that some of the masters commissioners don't speak English because we've been able to communicate and form bonds with them already!

After evangelizing, we preformed our first program of the day.  Children and their parents gathered around to play, watch shows and most importantlyhear the good news of Jesus Christ.

During lunch, we continued to strengthen our bonds with team members with words of encouragement for one another.

Then it was back out to the streets for more evangelizing. God gave team members just the right messages and words to speak. Some of the nationals were so moved that they were in tears. Some took us into their homes and introduced us to their families for prayer. One woman, who was initially leery of us, got to her knees praying while we were ministering to her, and so we all got to our knees in such a powerful prayer session. Later on we were so overjoyed when she came with her 9-year-old son to check out our program. The Holy Spirit was just flooding the atmosphere in so many homes.

After that, we preformed our second program of the day.  Many of the nationals whom we'd reached out had come to see it. Even some gang members who were interested in hearing about Jesus came to the show.  nationals were so warm and accepting, and they had such smiles of gratitude. God moved in the streets of El Salvador and so much glory and honor and praise was given to Him!

During worship that night, the Holy Spirit was thick in the air. We just poured out our prayers for the people of El Salvador. I even spoke tongues for the first time!

Afterward, we fellowshipped. I got to hear some incredible testimonies about what God has done in my friends' lives.

It's been such an incredible and powerful experience. I never want to leave!

Love you all!