Day 5 

Today was our last day of ministry which made everyone very sad! After breakfast in the morning we left to go to a school where we would put on our first program for the day.  The first program went well, seeing a few salvations after the sermon was preached. Afterwards Maranda got a word of knowledge for someone's shoulder so the team prayed for this boy. Afterwards he said it felt a little but better but it wasn't completely healed. So the team prayed again and the boys countenance completely changed.  His face lit up as he told us he was completely healed! 

After lunch we headed to our last program at another school. The team went into this program eager to see God move. We really wanted him to show up in a mighty way. We started the program by loving on the kids and playing with them. They were any age from 4 to 16 years old. Pastor Andrew preached and half way through his sermon he felt like the Holy Spirit told him to sing so he did. The lord moved after he was obedient to what God told him. At the end many students came to the center to receive salvation. As we were praying we noticed some of the boys crying and praying under their breath even before they received prayer. All of these boys who were misbehaving before service received Christ. Afterwards a leader of the school told us that they boy (who appeared to have been touched by the Lord the most) was the leader of the gang of his school! The other boys who were being impacted by God were in the gangs as well. This takes a brave step for these young men to leave that walk of life and choose Christ. 

However, the testimonies did not end there. The principal of the school gave her life to Christ as well! She then asked if Kings Castle would come back and teach bible classes in their school! Keep in mind this was a public school, not a private one. Ministry continued far after the program was supposed to be over.  This was such a great way to end our trip. Glory be to God that a whole school got impacted for the Gospel! God touched very influential people in the school and doors are being opened for bible classes to be taught on a regular basis. This concluded our last day of ministry. We were so blessed during this week to partner with Jesus and see him move throughout his people.

Day 6

Today was our teams free day. We enjoyed Atami resort on the beach. On the way to the beach we stopped and our team was able to buy souvenirs as well. It was wonderful to relax on the hammocks and swim. We had a lot of fun as a team going down the water slide as well! After our time at the beach we went back to camp for dinner. We then had our farewell service. We shared as a family what God did in us this week and many of our team mates wish it didn't have to end. We got to hear Don Triplett share his vision for Kings Castle ministry which was awesome! We had an amazing week and can't wait to get back home. Today we are traveling home and we be back late tonight. Thank you for your prayers this week. God was glorified!