With much love, sweat, and tears we have been busy these last couple of days. We often say on the mission field that we need to learn to be gumbies. Well, Holy Spirit has changed course for us these past few days. We were encountered with an immediate need within the community, and we had decided that since things were moving right a long with the temple that we would go and meet this need. So the past two days we have been building a house for a family that was homeless - not knowing that the children (who are Christians in Lidia's school) have been praying for almost a year that God would give them a home- we stepped in and are the answers to their miracle. Their parents (who are Buddhists) have been so blown away that we would do something like this for them. We truly believe that they will one day soon come to the full salvation of our Lord Jesus. The whole team has stepped up in full force on  this project - which has not been easy, but they know that truly this is a God thing!

We also had surprised the team by having Dareth Ly come visit us. After dinner he shared with the team his testimony of how he survived the killing fields. His story had made everyone in the room teary eyed . He had endured such hardship, but God turned what was meant for evil into something so good! It was a very powerful testimony! Afterwards we had such a good time in prayer and praying directly over some of the local Cambodians and missionaries in the room. 

The girls also had an opportunity this afternoon to teach English at the school. We had such an enjoyable time making conversations with the children. We received so many hugs! They are so thankful for every little thing that we do. I believe we are making relational connections in this place. And with this comes trust, and trust leads to believing what we say when we tell them about Jesus. They are soaking it up like a sponge. We believe that one day that this village will be turned upside down for Christ. Please continue to pray for the team as we continue to minister in many areas of the province!