“After a 2 day plane ride of 24 hours airtime we arrived in Kigali, Rwanda(6 hours ahead). Yes, we all were "beat." Arrived at our hotel where we transported 26 donation bags with over 1250 shoes, dropped off our personal bags to our rooms, and went to the last hour of SOS's Book of Acts Training where we ministered at the altar call. Most were in bed by 9 under our mosquito nets.

After a short night, after breakfast at 6:30 we went to a local church to train local children workers (again Book of Acts) from 8 to 5. We had about 125 Rwanda kid's leaders and spent the day in worship, training, and ministry. We had an interesting time with ministry using interpretors and meeting many others from around the world.

Pastor Lauren "did us proud" along with Pastor Mickey and Pastor Paris Yanno doing the main teaching. It was and is great being here working with Lauren and seeing it with our very own eyes. Please keep praying for us. We have packed days with street ministry, outreach in schools and distributing new shoes- thanks to many of you. Then the 5 day festival Wednesday-Saturday with the morning of outreach.”