“Today we began the morning at the orphanage with songs and dancing, as we have everyday, to establish participation. Then we made tie-dye shirts with the kids. Alysia and I conducted health and hygiene lessons with with boys and girls, and the boys were able to address deeper cultural issues like; how a man is supposed to treat a woman, while the girls bonded during a session of manicures. During this time, the little kids played with bubble machines.

***Lunch Break ***
The manicures continued while the little kids and boys played outside, competing in both three-legged races and sack races.

After this, the opportunity presented itself, away from orphanage staff, to speak individually with the children about their sins and nine children made eternal decisions to come to Christ (group photo attached).

Shortly after, the children had a 'Water War', with water balloons and squirt guns. We cleaned up and returned to the hotel.

***Dinner Break***
We divided into groups and visited the apartments of some of the orphanage graduates, bringing gifts and encouragement. They were gracious hosts and are truely proud to have their own homes. Many were open to sharing about their lives, and they welcomed us to bless them and their homes.

Pastor Dan, Marilyn and Kaitlyn visited a young women, Anya, who was a orphan and made a decision for Christ 11 years ago on his first missions trip to an orphanage. She was 12 years old then and lived in a village far from any churches. At the time it seemed impossible that she would be ever be able grow in Christ. She went through some rough times, resulting in several suicide attempts. Over the years Pastor Dan through Change30, was able to keep in contact with her, encourage her and Change30 was was able to teach her life skills. She is now moved into the city, is happily married, has a new baby and is faithfully attending an evangelical church and growing in Christ.”