“Hello church family,

Today was a day I have been most looking forward to-evening home visits!
This is the first time Change30 has done anything like it, but we actually got to be in the homes of the young moms that are supported by the ministry. This idea was inspired by the passage where Jesus sends out the 72 with various instructions, one of which being, to leave peace and a blessing upon a home where it is welcomed. 🤗

After our day at the orphanage, We broke up into groups of 2-3 and got to do just that. The apartment my group was in belonged to a young mom with a family of 5. She was incredibly open and allowed prayer and anointing with oil over all 3 of her children. She also desired to be filled with the Holy Spirit, upon her confession of Jesus Christ as Lord. needless to say, that was a cherry on top of a wonderful evening filled with fellowship and Russian treats.

Below is the picture of our group and Nastya’s family. Minus her son Nikita, who was not a fan of picture taking. 😄
(Her husband Sasha arrived as we were wrapping up. He is in the photo, but we didn’t get to fellowship with him).”