Cambodia Update from Sheri Summers:

“As you all know, August 10th is the grand opening dedication of the very first A/G church that Victory helped build amongst a 98% Buddhist area in Cambodia. Four of us will be leaving on the 6th of August to be there for the dedication of Victory in Christ Church in Kdey Thnout, Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia!

I remember the very day that we were just discussing from a little piece of paper the possibilities of building such a place in this dark area! When I first heard the words from our missionary, Lidia, that many of the people in that area said: "If there was a temple, we may come." God had put that burning in my heart and the word "IF" rang so loud in my ears for 8 months....I just want to give God all the Glory for orchestrating all the pieces together and for Victory for believing with us for this to come to fruition! I have enclosed pictures of the church as it now stands as well as the drawing that it first originally sparked the vision.

Please keep us all in your prayers as we are already making plans for our departure and continue to lift this area up. I just can't wait to see the very first person walk through these doors to accept Jesus into their heart!

Also, Mark is making arrangements in Cambodia to help build another home for a family whose house was devastated during the first heavy rains of this year. We will be surprising the family by building them a new home. Please pray for these plans to all come together smoothly!