“Buena noches from El Salvador! 

Today was another incredible day for all of us! The testimonies are continuing to grow and each and every person on this team is being used in tremendous ways for God’s Kingdom! Today the hardworking men on the construction team continued to work on projects to repair things around King’s Castle.  Their work here is so necessary and important!   Because of the work that they do, we have wonderful and safe accommodations for the missionaries.  

The Medical Team continued to have a huge impact today. They were able to see 90 patients today. 29 people received glasses, and 9 people were saved! The Evangelism Team performed a total of three programs today.  This morning we performed a school program for the younger age students, while this afternoon our program was geared towards the high school students.  In between the school programs we performed a small street program.  Admittedly, this program seemed like it was not going to be very impactful because there were very few children, but there was one girl in particular that made it all worth it!  This reminds me of Luke 15:4-7.  He leaves the 99 to find that 1!! 

Logan shared her testimony with the high school students and it was very powerful!  167 people received the Lord today and 8 miracles were performed. We can’t wait to share more amazing testimonies about what God is doing and will continue to do in us and through us! God bless you!”  — Amanda Meneo