Day 3

Today was an incredible first day of ministry. We went to a school and did two programs. The first program was for younger children. The programs consist of games, dances, skits, salvation & then prayer for any problems they might have. Our team had a blast dancing for the kids. Ajha, Liz & I did a funny clown skit for the kids and I was so excited that I got to be one of the funny clowns in the skit! I loved getting to make the kids laugh and smile.

Then the team split the kids up into grades and did the salvation message for each individual grade. So many kids gave there lives to Jesus for the first time! Praise God! It melted my heart to see them bow there heads and get serious about God at such a young age. The second program was for the older students & it was beautiful to see how receptive they were to the gospel as well. Theres nothing like seeing those little hands fly up to accept Jesus. We taught them one of the dances we did and they had a blast! At the end of the program I got to pray with two of the women who were teachers at the school who had been watching. They had tears in there eyes as I prayed in English over them for there situation. That was a beautiful thing for me because it showed me that though they couldn't understand my words, the spirit is the same in any language. They could feel Gods presence and were very thankful.

I love the people of El Salvador. I love how intentional this ministry is. They truly know how to love. El Salvador will be saved! - Miranda Fordeley


Day 4

 This was our second day of ministry and an extremely impactful day. It was unique because we ministered to very young kids, and also to teenagers. Members from our team had the opportunity to preach and share testimony and you could just tell that the Holy Spirit was there every step of the way. 

When we ministered to the teenagers I remember specifically the presence of God being so strong I didn't want to stand and I couldn't stop crying. As soon as our ministry drama ended I felt the presence of God blow through the room and after that it only got stronger and ministered better than we ever could. You always think that a language barrier is going to handicap you, but when we rely on the Holy Spirit to do what we simply cannot, He does the miraculous. We saw kids weep and come to know the saving and loving power of Jesus, all because we relied on His strength and not our own. God loves El Salvador, and so do we. 

      Please continue to pray for us as we enter our third day of ministry, we expect the Lord to do even greater things than we have already seen. He is so good to His people!  - Carly Sage