Today on the construction site, we continued to lay brick around the house. I found out that It is a Cambodian custom that when the house is finished the Buddhist monks will come to the house and thank the dead ancestors for providing the house. However, Lidia explained to the family that rather than a blessing from their ancestors, our actions are being done as an answer to their children's prayers to the one true God. The family has decided that they will not have the Buddhist monks pray over the house, but rather our team. In addition to this, we asked the mother of the family if we can add a symbol of a cross in the brick and she said yes. This trip and this project is already bringing light to a dark community. Through much sweat and hard work God is truly using our team in a mighty way. The crew ended the day with washing children's hair as Danielle will explain. - Alan Summers

 This afternoon the team washed hair for lice. The men took the evening off from construction to join us! There's was about 50 kids today that came to have their hair washed by us! Some of the student leaders invited their friends from school so they came on their lunch break to get the hair washed! At around 3:30 it started to thunderstorm...but, that did not keep us down! We played games, sang some worship songs in Khmer, and sat with the children. They loved it! Once the rain stopped we started washing hair. Some of these kids come from broken homes. One girl specifically was told by her mother that she is not allowed to have her hair washed by us. I'm unsure of the reason. Shampoo is such a precious thing here. I gave this girl a bottle of lice shampoo to take home to her whole family to use. After we finished washing all of the children's hair, we played games with them until it was time to leave. These kids are filled with so much joy and love! We are the hands and feet of Jesus here and the children here recognize it. For example, when you greet someone in Cambodia, you are suppose to fold your hands in a prayer like position in the middle of your chest and nod your head towards them. But, we are the only people who do not greet one another like that. When the children come to the church we embrace them with a huge hug, smiles, and love! That is how we show the love of Jesus to them the most! - Danielle Vitto