Today we (the 4 of us ladies and Lidia's 4 missionaries ) lathered the children in the Love of Christ and Shampoo!!  This week has been all about doing the unexpected and following the lead of Holy Spirit. We planned to have only one day of washing hair but,  several girls were begging to have their hair washed with shampoo. Shampoo is quite expensive and many families simply cannot afford to buy something we in America take so easily for granted. With a spontaneous change of plans,the word of "the Americans washing hair" got spread around very quickly! We washed almost 50 heads, all which had lice in about 2 hours. The smiles on their faces were enough to overcome the conditions! Tomorrow afternoon will be another time of washing hair and ministering! Even though this is only our second time to Cambodia, the relationships are really beginning to develop on a deeper level!

Right down the road the guys continued working to close in the house by laying brick walls and installing a new watertight roof.  They have very limited tools here so we've  been relying on a little ingenuity to come up with the best way to tie all of the components of the house together in such a short amount of time.  While working we've had the opportunity to love on and share Jesus with some of the extended family and some simply passing by who were curious to see "Americans", especially Bob :). About an hour before dark we were greeted by the women and a bunch of very happy children that had just gotten their hair washed; this gave us a lot more help as well as lifted our spirits to finish the day strong as they sang and helped collect supplies. Through many many bottles of water, tons of laughter, and hard work we've been able to truly show the love of Jesus to this Cambodian village. Please continue to pray for our team as more work needs to be done in the short time we have left here! - Alyssa and Ryan Jones