UPDATE #2 (2/4/19 11:41PM)

“Hello family & friends!

Today was an amazing day for all the teams! The construction team conquered a lot in one day already, as we knew they would. They are doing a lot of repairs in the Bible college and adding some walls as well. I need to brag on them a little. We all know they are good at what they do, but they are amazing at being leaders and taking care of all us:) they remind me of “big brothers” and we are blessed to have them!

The evangelism team got impacted today!!! They were over flowing with emotions today. God used them all in a mighty way. They were able to do 3 program today! The medical team was able to see 56 people with 8 salvations. This team worked great together! Miranda had the right word about love, to share today during our devotion time — 1 Corinthians 13:1-9.

And LOVE is what everyone displayed today❤️❤️” - Kevin/Mandy Diaz