Victory Compassion Ministries is reaching the world and our neighbors with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ

Loving God Completely. Love People Unconditionally. Loving Life Enthusiastically. 


Get empowered, equipped & activated to live a wild, Holy Spirit-filled life. VCM partners are trained & discipled to be sent out into the mission field to live a powerful, kingdom-impacting life.


Literally becoming His hands & feet, once prepared, you will become the "least of these" stepping out for His glory into what God has called you to do.


"Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit."

- Matt 28:19




My greatest passion is to see Jesus made famous and known to the children of every nation. One encounter with the One true God will change a life forever and that is why I am devoted to the destinies of children and seeing them exposed to the power of God. 
Since the age of six when I wrote my first song, "Bless Our Nations Lord" I have loved music and used it as a tool to bring glory to Jesus and to see a fire be lit for more of Him in those listening and worshiping with me. Since then, many more songs have been written to tell the story of each page being written on this adventure I'm on with my best friend. [Check out albums.]

Through my elementary to high school years, to Bible College at Victory School of Ministry, to the six years being the children's pastor at Victory Christian Center in Coitsville, Ohio,  I have seen the grandest dreams come to life that all together see the King of Kings being glorified!  

In the next pages of my story, I anticipate many souls to come to know Jesus!  If a child hears of the good news how much heart ache they will be saved and how many more souls will be won as they have tasted and seen that He is good!  The vision God has lain upon my heart is to see kids who have never heard the Gospel to hear it, to raise up kid leaders who will lead their generation to change the rhythm of the normal beat, and to train kid leaders to see that their truly is no such thing as a junior Holy Spirit.  

I am honored to be a voice for a generation that is often seen as too small and wiggly to truly live a life with Jesus to the fullest.  Oh how my eyes have seen His wonders inside of them, so now my mission stands to ignite that passion inside of them to heartedly pursue the God of wonders! My favorite song will forever be the one where I declare His wonders to every tribe, tongue, and nation until the whole world knows!

Forever Dedicated to the Destinies of Children,

Lauren Cypher







With much love, sweat, and tears we learned that when the Holy Spirit changes course you obey. We were encountered with an immediate need within the Cambodian community, and we decided that we would go and meet this need. The need - building a house for a family that was homeless - not knowing that the children (who are Christians) had been praying for almost a year that God would give them a home. Watch the video for a quick recap or click here  






Partnering with Hearts in Action Ministries, Paul & Alida Bowers (contacts in Peru) and Ministry Directors Mario & Suzanne Babarczy, we will share the love of Christ with the people of Peru focusing on children and youth.

WHEN:  October 19th - 28th, 2017 | WHERE: Lima, Peru