Nicaragua Team Last Update

Our Nicaragua team is home safely! We are so proud of them for the way they ministered there! Thank you so much to everyone who prayed for them while they were in Nicaragua! The following is the final update from their team leader, Mandy Diaz.


Hello everyone!

Although we are home safely and catching up on sleep, we left a part of our hearts in Nicaragua.

Words can not describe how we fell in love with this country and the people there.


From the time we got there till the day we left, there was a constant impacting of lives. Whether it was people on our team, the National team or the people of Nicaragua. I can honestly say that not only did we minister to the people of Nicaragua but we were able to lift the arms of the staff and leaders. Being able to serve and bless the staff and team was truly a blessing in itself


The evangelism team did 10 programs. We ministered at schools, villages and at a local hospital. Through the 10 programs we reached 1014 people, 145 salvations and prayed for 900 families with problems. We also helped at the camp painting the dorms and were able to finish 4 rooms and 2 hallways with some help from the construction team.


The construction team worked very hard on a steal building, painting the entry gate, the guards shack, building desks and shelves for the students. Although  we were not able to finish the steel building, we were able to leave the finances so they can hire the National Team to finish it this week.


I know we made Victory proud but most of all Jesus!


Nicaragua Team Update #3

Exciting things are happening in Nicaragua! Thank you so much for the continued prayers as they are ministering this week. Here is yesterday's update from their team leader, Mandy Diaz.

The construction team is making wonderful progress on the steel building they are building. The evangelism team has put on 5 programs and prayed for many families.

We as Victory had the opportunity to bless the staff and the students today. They have been the most gracious hosts and we're beyond thankful to be served by them.

Continue to pray for us, Nicaragua is a special place that is ready to receive Jesus.


Nicaragua Team Update #2

Our Nicaragua team is off to a great start! Please continue to lift them up in prayer as they minister to the people of Nicaragua! Here is yesterday's update from the Nicaragua team's leader, Mandy Diaz:

We have only been here for 2 days and all I can say is wow! Holy Spirit is so evident in this ministry and the Castle Team is phenomenal.

Our work week hasn't started yet and we are already so blessed. Yesterday we started learning our program for the Evangelism team and were able to love on kids from the orphanage. The kids were so lovable, our time together was short but it blessed us immensely. They stole our hearts.

Today we went to Tipitapa for a Church Service. Dawn and Kenny were able to share each of their testimonies. The Pastor told us it was very impactful. We also had an opportunity to pray for the people that came forward after the service. It was a powerful time and His presence was so strong. The language barrier was not a factor because we prayed and Holy Spirit took care of the rest. Donielle also had a word for one of the ladies which gave the lady confirmation about a dream. Please continue to pray for us as we start our work day tomorrow. #impactingaculture #worldchangers



2017 Nicaragua Team is Leaving February 11th!

Please keep the Nicaragua team of 10 in your prayers as they are departing for Managua, Nicaragua. They will be serving under King's Castle Ministries alongside missionaries, Steve and Kim Sobey. They will be departing Saturday, February 11th and minister there until their return February 19th. They will be evangelizing to the people there as well as constructing a metal building that will be used for their ministry. 

Here is the team:

1st Row (Left to Right)  Laci May (Boardman), Donielle Fox (Boardman), Dawnielle Ballard (Liberty) and Mandy Diaz (Liberty) 2nd Row (Left to Right) Kenny Sigurani (Coitsville), Larry Pifer (Coitsville), Ed Rudolphi (Coitsville), Jason Stere (Coitsville) and Kevin Diaz (Liberty) Missing: Andy Diaz (Coitsville)   Stay posted for daily updates on what Holy Spirit does while our team ministers in Nicaragua!    

1st Row (Left to Right) 

Laci May (Boardman), Donielle Fox (Boardman), Dawnielle Ballard (Liberty) and Mandy Diaz (Liberty)

2nd Row (Left to Right)

Kenny Sigurani (Coitsville), Larry Pifer (Coitsville), Ed Rudolphi (Coitsville), Jason Stere (Coitsville) and Kevin Diaz (Liberty)

Missing: Andy Diaz (Coitsville)


Stay posted for daily updates on what Holy Spirit does while our team ministers in Nicaragua!



From Our Heart to Our Hand

We hear on the nightly news of the latest heartbreaking event that has taken place, and think to ourselves, "this world needs Jesus!" The choice of whether we shake our heads and feel overwhelmed by the issues, or partner with God in changing our world is entirely up to us. God's love has always been an action, but what does it look like to love like Him?


The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand (Matt 2:3) is something John the Baptist proclaimed as he prepared the way for Jesus to come. Many times we loose sight of this truth. As sons and daughters of God, the Kingdom of Heaven is truly at our hand to release in our world, and reveal Jesus. However, many times we feel overwhelmed by the world's issues, and that in the natural what is in our hand isn't enough. That's because it's not...


When the little boy gave Jesus his 5 loaves and 2 fish (John 6) he could have easily thought his portion was too small to make a dent in the issue and not offered it to Jesus. But, Jesus didn't ask the little boy to feed the masses, He asked him for what was in his hand! In the natural what was in the little boys hand wasn't enough, but when he was obedient and gave Jesus what was in his hand He made it more than enough.

Last Monday on Halloween night 5 homes from 4 different cities took the compassion in their heart for the people in the neighborhoods, and used what was in their hand to love over 570 total in their world. They were an incredible example of what it looks like to reach their world in a practical, yet powerful way. We celebrate what God did through their obedience, and look forward to what He continues to do through the rapport and relationships that were built!

What does your heart recognize is a need in your neighborhood or the world? We challenge you to ask God how He wants to use what is in your hand to change the issue. Give it to Him, even if you feel like it isn't enough. Let Him multiply what you have to make a true, lasting impact in someone's life. Let Him do big, supernatural things through you so all the world sees is Him; So He gets all the glory.

Scotland Update #5

Another beautiful and sunny day that the Lord has blessed us with in Scotland! Many have told us that this sunshine is very unusual, and without a doubt a blessing from God.

To start off our day, a small group went with Mike and successfully climbed Arthur's Seat, an over 800 ft., steep and rocky climb, to a breathtaking view of the city.

Natalie, Pam and Tim, then shared with a group of 35 or so high school students, about their experiences on the mission field around the world. During Tim's time of sharing, he had the kids close their eyes and imagine that they were riding a boat across the Amazon River, and just as the boat arrived in a small village on the other side, and he said, " Now open your eyes, and don't be alarmed", the fire alarm went off in the school!! We all had to exit the school, and wait for the "all clear" to go back in. We were happy to see that all of the students, and some extras, came back to hear the rest of the story. The leaders were very encouraged by this, because they said that the students didn't have to return if they didn't want to. A thought that Mike had about the timing of that fire alarm was, The Lord is sending the fire to Scotland!

Another group went to George Watson's private elementary school to work with the younger students. After Steve's strong man presentation, a 10 year old girl came up to him and said, "Sir, thank you so much for teaching me more about God". What an awesome way to end the presentation.

A third group went to All Saints Cafe to help serve breakfast/lunch, while interacting with all of those who entered. They also prayed for a man with medical issues.

In the afternoon we hand some free time to spend on the Royal Mile, shopping, walking, taking a tour of the Edinburgh Castle, St. Gile's Church, and enjoying a coffee or Chai tea at Starbucks. 

Thankful for another full day of sharing, fun, and a goodnight's sleep!

Pam Beebe

Scotland Update #4

The Lord moved in amazing ways today. Before we departed for the day, we were treated with a proper Scottish breakfast. After, our group was split into three teams. One to minister at the church cafe, and the other two we were sent into the schools. God opened up amazing doors yesterday and we felt the Holy Spirit working. We gave our testimonies and told the kids of what God had done in our lives. Steve did his "Strong Man," act, and the kids soaked up every second! In the evening, we hosted a youth cafe. Sonya, Natalie, Cassie, and Steve, all spoke what God laid on their hearts to share. It was a powerful night. People are being reached, and we can already see it. Thank you all for your continued prayers. You're also making a difference in this country. 

Cassie Sage

The team is doing great. We did 6 school groups on Tuesday - primary and high school. Steve the"redneck"  has been a hit with the young and old alike. 

Sonya led a song with motions which the kids loved. Gwen interacted with the kids doing crafts. We ended the day at All Nations Church at an informal cafe meeting where Nattalie led. Everyone is tired and stretched but I believe Holy Spirit is pleased.  Bill

day #4.jpg

Scotland Update #3

Today was a school holiday here in Scotland. So this was our "free day".

We went to the Scotland parliament for a tour and met at the end in a conference room for prayer. We spent the afternoon by the North Sea shore in North Berwick and ate some great fish & chips. Some climbed a wee hill (614 feet) and others enjoyed some small town shopping.

The evening was a team work session in preparation for 5 school sessions tomorrow. At 10 pm  several of our team went to the city center at 10pm for an outreach.

Pray for the team today as we form 3 sub-teams for out reaches in primary and high schools, neighbor hoods, and an evening youth cafe. 

Our Scotland team has safely arrived in Edinburgh, and is already ministering!

Our good,good father

  Sunday was an awesome day, we started with fellowship and singing to OUR GOOD GOOD FATHER. That was the theme for the day and it was amazing that everywhere we went these were the words spoken. Our first service was at all Nations, a neighborhood church that truly has people of all nations. Steve entertained them while telling of God's love, all were amazed by his strength, and touched by his heart.

   Our next service was at Bridge Family Church, a small but growing church as prophesied by Steve and the pastor. It is truly amazing to me at the unlikely places you will find a church here in Scotland, when there are so many empty church buildings. It has been prophesied that there will be a move of God in Scotland, and it will be the youth that will lead it, which leads to our next service.

   We went to Elim Church in Morningside District. We ministered to the youth, Steve sat and encouraged and ministered to the youth, he has a heart that is bigger then he is. Cassie gave her testimony about The Father and her father, how God works! Then Natalie sat and took us to The Lord, such a gentle, loving and fierce heart she has. Once again it is the younger generation leading us to God and showing us the way. 

   I am so very excited about the rest of this trip and what God has for us and this country.  

 JoAnne Bolinger


Off to Edinburgh!

Tomorrow at 1pm our Scotland team will be leaving for Scotland to work with Message of Hope. They will be ministering in several schools, ministering on the streets, and in a couple of churches. Please keep them in prayer during this time as we believe for revival and awakening in the land BACK to the heart of God. He's the desire of the nations, and we are so excited to send this team to reveal Jesus through both spiritual and practical ways.

L-R: JoAnne Bolinger, Sonya Garcia, Pastor Natalie Haines, Tim Beebe, Pam Beebe, Steve McGrenahan, Cassie Sage, Cecelia Burns (Poland New Life), Sue Fredell, and Elder Bill Fredell. Missing: Gwen McCool

L-R: JoAnne Bolinger, Sonya Garcia, Pastor Natalie Haines, Tim Beebe, Pam Beebe, Steve McGrenahan, Cassie Sage, Cecelia Burns (Poland New Life), Sue Fredell, and Elder Bill Fredell. Missing: Gwen McCool

Stay posted for daily updates on what Holy Spirit does during their time there!

This Past Weekend for Victory Compassion Ministries...

You know you live a rich life when it takes an entire hand to count all of the events happening in a single day that are all connected in some way for the sake of the Kingdom!

Victory Compassion Ministries was blessed to be a part many wonderful events around our city. Here are a few we want to highlight...

We had our Compassion 5K event at Roosevelt Park bright and early Saturday morning. There were many people and families who came out and it was truly a wonderful time! We are so very thankful to all of our sponsors! Especially Trolio's for being our timing service, and donating all of our T-shirts and medals, and Chick-fil-A for donating delicious sandwiches! We also would like to thank our incredible volunteers. Steve and Maria Hoffmaster putting in countless hours of canvassing, donated water, granola bars, and apples, and putting together several lovely baskets for our drawing! Alyssa Jones organized all our registrations, Suzie Dobson went above and beyond to take care of tables, Danny Yergan got the sounds system, and the list goes on! To all of our volunteers (Danielle Vitto, Alisha Hetherington, Mark & Alan Summers, Jennifer Miller, Joelle Johnson, Maranda Fordley, & Nicole Bone) thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you did to help make this day a success! We couldn't have done it without each of you!

Another event that took place Saturday afternoon was the Lincoln Knolls Better Block that our friends at the YNDC hosted right down the road from our community center. The Linc busted out the Victory Kids bounce house and set up a cookie decorating table for the kids! The whole afternoon was full of life! It was truly such a pleasure to get to meet more people in the community we love so very much. A huge thanks to Derrick McDowell, Amanda Prentice, and Phil Macri for representing the Linc at this event and revealing Jesus to all who came! 

Cambodia Team Updates!

The team finally  arrived and got settled in on Friday around 1pm our time after a very long trip. In spite of being exhausted from jet lag and far journey they were very excited to begin ministering.

The team finally  arrived and got settled in on Friday around 1pm our time after a very long trip. In spite of being exhausted from jet lag and far journey they were very excited to begin ministering.

Here are a few of the updates we have gotten so far...

Greetings from Cambodia! Today was a wonderful day! Most of the day, we ministered by washing the hair of 72 children, many whom had lice. This was a main concern of the missionary asking if we would do this. I am so proud of our young men on the team. They stepped up washing and combing many heads and didn't hesitate because of the conditions. They were troopers all day. After the washings, the young woman on the team fixed their hair and placed tiaras on the girls' heads and painted fingernails. While the boys received purple capes-emphasizing the fact that they are children of the King! They each received a wellness bag to take home as well that included personal hygiene items.

Wow! What an amazing day we had today! Thank you all for your continued prayers. We so do appreciate and covet them. We had over 150 children today joining us for VBS. It was a little chaotic at first, because so many children kept coming in and it was hard to keep track. But with God's help, we quickly devised a plan! We opened the service with songs in Khemer and English then had a short skit, which displayed how Jesus is always with us and that He loves us. We found out from the missionary at dinner, that this skit was perfect for these children because in the Buddhism faith there is a lot of fear with spirits. After the skit, Daniella shared a word that further emphasized the love of Jesus. She then gave an alter call; where many first timers received. We then broke up into smaller groups - one group did crafts and the other two groups did a smaller one on one lesson with the kids; emphasizing God's love for them. We had some very good conversations with some very deep questions concerning their walk with Jesus. It was a very special time reemphasizing the love that Jesus has for us. Please continue to pray as tomorrow we are expecting a lot more children as the word is getting out!  Our goal is to reach this whole village so that they can reach their surrounding villages and impact this nation for the Kingdom!

For more updates on all the team has been doing check out the Victory Compassion Facebook page HERE!

2016 Cambodia Team is Leaving Tomorrow!

Please keep the team in prayer! From left to right you'll find Danielle Vitto, Alyssa & Ryan Jones, Mark & Sheri Summers, Alan Summers, Donna Reed, Stephen & Melissa Szekely, Tim & Pam Beebe, Nick Furlong, Ed Rudolphi, and Yuri Plotnikov. We are so proud of them!

Please keep the team in prayer! From left to right you'll find Danielle Vitto, Alyssa & Ryan Jones, Mark & Sheri Summers, Alan Summers, Donna Reed, Stephen & Melissa Szekely, Tim & Pam Beebe, Nick Furlong, Ed Rudolphi, and Yuri Plotnikov. We are so proud of them!

Our Cambodia team is leaving bright and early tomorrow to minister to the beautiful people of Kampong Channg until the 25th. Please pray for them as they hold a VBS, wellness clinic, and teach English. We are believing for safe travels, divine appointments, and that through everything they do the people see JESUS and come to know Him personally! 

Last Night at NOW Youngstown

Last night's NOW Youngstown event was a huge success. So many lives were touched by the love of Christ which we believe is the only thing needed for lasting change. He is everything!

We were so excited to have some of our United student leaders be a part of the event! Danielle Vitto was their fearless leader who assigned them to different areas. They came eager to serve, but not knowing quite what to expect! They jumped right into things before the service and helped with face painting, our own cookie decorating table, as well as other areas, and joined in to intercede and minister to people during the service. They truly showed Jesus' pure love in all that they did.

These pictures don't do the evening justice. The magnitude of the light and love of Christ being released in such a dark place is unable to be captured or described. We believe the impact of what Holy Spirit did last night will have a positive, ripple effect for generations. All because of Love. To God be the glory!

NOW Youngstown Outreach Update

The past two Tuesdays NOW Youngstown has been at Victory Estates and Heart Reach with a team of people from all different churches equipped and ready to love the people of our city to life! Victory Compassion Ministries had a cookie decorating table for the kiddos of Victory Estates full of fun, colorful icing and sprinkles! This past Tuesday there were two young men who had NEVER heard the gospel before and made the decision to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This is happening in our very own city. The time is NOW for everyone to know Who Jesus is and what He has done for them. If you'd like to be a part of this incredible outreach sign up here under NOW Youngstown.