Cambodia Team Updates!

The team finally  arrived and got settled in on Friday around 1pm our time after a very long trip. In spite of being exhausted from jet lag and far journey they were very excited to begin ministering.

The team finally  arrived and got settled in on Friday around 1pm our time after a very long trip. In spite of being exhausted from jet lag and far journey they were very excited to begin ministering.

Here are a few of the updates we have gotten so far...

Greetings from Cambodia! Today was a wonderful day! Most of the day, we ministered by washing the hair of 72 children, many whom had lice. This was a main concern of the missionary asking if we would do this. I am so proud of our young men on the team. They stepped up washing and combing many heads and didn't hesitate because of the conditions. They were troopers all day. After the washings, the young woman on the team fixed their hair and placed tiaras on the girls' heads and painted fingernails. While the boys received purple capes-emphasizing the fact that they are children of the King! They each received a wellness bag to take home as well that included personal hygiene items.

Wow! What an amazing day we had today! Thank you all for your continued prayers. We so do appreciate and covet them. We had over 150 children today joining us for VBS. It was a little chaotic at first, because so many children kept coming in and it was hard to keep track. But with God's help, we quickly devised a plan! We opened the service with songs in Khemer and English then had a short skit, which displayed how Jesus is always with us and that He loves us. We found out from the missionary at dinner, that this skit was perfect for these children because in the Buddhism faith there is a lot of fear with spirits. After the skit, Daniella shared a word that further emphasized the love of Jesus. She then gave an alter call; where many first timers received. We then broke up into smaller groups - one group did crafts and the other two groups did a smaller one on one lesson with the kids; emphasizing God's love for them. We had some very good conversations with some very deep questions concerning their walk with Jesus. It was a very special time reemphasizing the love that Jesus has for us. Please continue to pray as tomorrow we are expecting a lot more children as the word is getting out!  Our goal is to reach this whole village so that they can reach their surrounding villages and impact this nation for the Kingdom!

For more updates on all the team has been doing check out the Victory Compassion Facebook page HERE!

2016 Cambodia Team is Leaving Tomorrow!

Please keep the team in prayer! From left to right you'll find Danielle Vitto, Alyssa & Ryan Jones, Mark & Sheri Summers, Alan Summers, Donna Reed, Stephen & Melissa Szekely, Tim & Pam Beebe, Nick Furlong, Ed Rudolphi, and Yuri Plotnikov. We are so proud of them!

Please keep the team in prayer! From left to right you'll find Danielle Vitto, Alyssa & Ryan Jones, Mark & Sheri Summers, Alan Summers, Donna Reed, Stephen & Melissa Szekely, Tim & Pam Beebe, Nick Furlong, Ed Rudolphi, and Yuri Plotnikov. We are so proud of them!

Our Cambodia team is leaving bright and early tomorrow to minister to the beautiful people of Kampong Channg until the 25th. Please pray for them as they hold a VBS, wellness clinic, and teach English. We are believing for safe travels, divine appointments, and that through everything they do the people see JESUS and come to know Him personally! 

Last Night at NOW Youngstown

Last night's NOW Youngstown event was a huge success. So many lives were touched by the love of Christ which we believe is the only thing needed for lasting change. He is everything!

We were so excited to have some of our United student leaders be a part of the event! Danielle Vitto was their fearless leader who assigned them to different areas. They came eager to serve, but not knowing quite what to expect! They jumped right into things before the service and helped with face painting, our own cookie decorating table, as well as other areas, and joined in to intercede and minister to people during the service. They truly showed Jesus' pure love in all that they did.

These pictures don't do the evening justice. The magnitude of the light and love of Christ being released in such a dark place is unable to be captured or described. We believe the impact of what Holy Spirit did last night will have a positive, ripple effect for generations. All because of Love. To God be the glory!

NOW Youngstown Outreach Update

The past two Tuesdays NOW Youngstown has been at Victory Estates and Heart Reach with a team of people from all different churches equipped and ready to love the people of our city to life! Victory Compassion Ministries had a cookie decorating table for the kiddos of Victory Estates full of fun, colorful icing and sprinkles! This past Tuesday there were two young men who had NEVER heard the gospel before and made the decision to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This is happening in our very own city. The time is NOW for everyone to know Who Jesus is and what He has done for them. If you'd like to be a part of this incredible outreach sign up here under NOW Youngstown. 

The Linc Street Crew April/June Update

On Saturday June 11th, The Linc Street crew took the streets on Youngstown's East Side to lend a hand in beautifying our city. Together, our team of nine individuals were able to collect 30 bags of trash, 30 tires, and other miscellaneous items that had been littered throughout the streets. To date, The Linc Street Crew has removed over 60 bags of litter, 40+ tires, and other miscellaneous debris found throughout the streets of the East Side of Youngstown.  

On Saturday June 11th, The Linc Street crew took the streets on Youngstown's East Side to lend a hand in beautifying our city. Together, our team of nine individuals were able to collect 30 bags of trash, 30 tires, and other miscellaneous items that had been littered throughout the streets.

To date, The Linc Street Crew has removed over 60 bags of litter, 40+ tires, and other miscellaneous debris found throughout the streets of the East Side of Youngstown.


If you would like to join in with incredible outreach please sign up, and we will get you connected!

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ESA Easter Party 2016

Last Saturday, April 23rd we hosted an Easter Party and Easter egg hunt for the kids of ESA Park Apartments. (Yes, we know Easter was in the end of March, but it's Ohio - the weather would not have cooperated then.) :)

I love going down to this little community. Some of these children come from really rough family situations. A lot of them walk up hesitantly, watching us from the corner of their eyes. Sometimes within minutes they are playing jumping and having fun... Some take a little bit longer though, and slowly the facade of toughness they put on falls away and the kid inside of them comes rushing out. 

Racing for candy.

Racing for candy.

Some of our wonderful students from United joined us in reaching out to this community. They played with kids, dressed up as the Easter Bunny and put on a skit depicting some of the misconceptions people have about Easter and what the truth really is! Then Danielle Vitto stepped up and shared about Jesus coming to die for us and that being the real reason we celebrate Easter. 

Finally the kids were released to run for the Easter Eggs - we were blessed with over 900 Easter Eggs, so these kiddos got lots of candy and left very happy!

Thank you so much to all those who donated candy, eggs and came and volunteered! Jesus is shining His light into this community and we are so excited to be a small part.


All our love,

Pastor Joelle Rauch and Victory Compassion Ministries Local Outreach.

Romania Team - Final Update

Our amazing team from Romania has safely returned home! We are so amazed and proud of all of the hard work they did and the lives that they impacted!


This marks the last day that the whole construction team will be working together, as tomorrow is a personal day. However, a few are going to stay behind to finish putting the sheathing on the trusses, so that the roof can be closed in. So, much was accomplished today! PTL! I have included a few pictures for your enjoyment:

AMAZING....THEY WERE ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH CONSTRUCTING A 4,000 square foot building in only a week....What mighty men we have at VCC!!

After their work day today, they all met with the orphan kids to had dinner with them:
After dinner, the team took the kids back to the building site to do a Bible Study. Here, Mark gave a study on the Foolish Man & the Wise Man, found in Matthew 7:24-27. As an opener, Mark divided the kids into two teams; one representing the foolish man, and the other representing the wise man. Then he gave each of them some wood and nails and had each team build a house. The wise man team had to build it on the concrete/foundation of the building; while the foolish team had to build theirs in a pile of sand. Needless to say, the kids were able to visualize the importance of a strong foundation; representing our spiritual walk with the Lord. 

Continue to lift our team members in your prayers that they will enjoy their last day, and that they will gain their strength for their journey home tomorrow night, as they have spent themselves working hard all week! I will keep you posted during their journey back to the states! 

Day 6:
Below is a word from one of our team member's, Kaitlyn Osborn, who has been ministering at the baby hospital with Donna Reed:

These past few days we've been showing these babies God's unconditional love.  Since most of them are developmentally behind we've been helping them walk, helping them feed themselves, doing massage therapy and just hugging on them.  Many of them have no trust for anyone because of what they've been through, so any amount of happiness we can bring them is worth it.  It is amazing how attached you can get to them in just a short week.  My heart breaks thinking thattomorrow is our last day here.  But Donna and I have not held anything back and will continue to pour into these children.  Thank you for your prayers.

Day 5
Today was another successful day as our construction team was able to complete the second floor, and 1/3 of the floor joists for the 3rd floor attic. Tomorrow, they are hoping to complete the floor joists on the 3rd floor, as well as, start building the rafters for the roof. Please pray for safety, as now they are getting very high in the air - approximately 30-32 feet high. 

The women, Donna and Katelyn, went to the baby hospital today, and spent a few hours loving on them.  This is always such an important time to be able to have someone to hold these babies, as many are sick and have been so brutally abused by their parents that they need love to heal their little bodies. Remember these two as it is very difficult to leave the little ones after you spend time with them...a special bond seems to take place and it gets very difficult to leave them behind.

After dinner this evening, they took some time off and went to the hot springs. This was very refreshing for all of them, as they have been working very hard
 thus far! Continue to pray for strength and health, and for continued good weather!

Thank you again VCC Family, for all of your support and prayers in sending this team out! There has been tremendous fruit, and many lives will be changed in the future through your faithful giving and sending out. 

To God be the glory! 

Special Video Update from Team Romania!

This is a video of the men from Team Romania 2016, raising up the first second floor wall of the new building for Livada Orphan Care - it's 66 feet long! Under normal circumstances, it would have to be built in sections, but because of the short amount of time they are there, they are doing it all at once.

Please continue to pray for the team as they work hard to complete this project! How exciting to be able to see the walls that we have invested in going up!

Thank you for supporting Victory Compassion Ministries and helping to make this possible.

Romania Team Update: Day #2

The team started their day today going to church, and then spending a few hours with the LOC orphans.  They worked a few hours on the building; allowing the kids to work beside them-even our woman joined the men today giving a hand:) I thought you would enjoy the following pictures!

They applied plywood to the exterior walls today.  Tomorrow they will be ready for the second floor. 

Exterior Walls Going Up.

Exterior Walls Going Up.

Donna and Laura working together.

Donna and Laura working together.

Mark teaching Daniella how to measure.

Mark teaching Daniella how to measure.

Katelyn and Anna helping Bob.

Katelyn and Anna helping Bob.

Katelyn and Anna trying to stay dry from the rain. 

Katelyn and Anna trying to stay dry from the rain. 

More to come tomorrow! They are all doing great and are having a good time bonding with each other and the kids. Continue to keep the team in your prayers, as they have a full week ahead! 

Romania Team Update: Day #1

Day #1 Update: 

Our update today comes from Sheri Summers who's husband Mark is leading the team in Romania. They are our Victory Compassion Ministries, Missions Teams Directors. The update is below. 

Today was a very prosperous day for our Romania construction team.  They started bright and early this morning, had a lunch break at about one in the afternoon, then back to work. They stopped around 7 pm for dinner and was back at it from eight to ten. Needless to say, they were very tired by the end of the day to be able to write an update.


So as  the men are very busy working on building, I have requested that they send me pictures and I will try to the best of my ability to keep you all informed of the progress.

Wall's going up on the building.

Wall's going up on the building.

Our Team working hard. 

Our Team working hard. 

As you see from the two pictures that I have attached, they were able to get a lot accomplished in just one day. Tomorrow they will break to go to church and have some time with the orphans. They will begin again full force on Monday.

Continue to pray for supernatural strength and safety for all our team members. They are a bunch of wonderful men.....we should be very proud of them! Blessings!


Team Romania 2016: The Lumber Has Arrived!

This Thursday, April 7th we are sending a team of 12 people to Târgu Mureș, Romania to work with Livada Orphan Care. The team consists of 10 men and 2 women. The main emphasis of this trip is to construct an over 4,000 square foot office complex that will hold the Romanian Livada staff and will also be used for counseling sessions as well. This will allow the current staff building to house 8-10 orphans.

Mark Summers, who will be leading this team, is hoping to get this 3-story building all framed in and under roof. We ask that you pray for strength and safety for this project as it is a big undertaking for a week's timing. 

We are so excited to receive pictures today showing that the lumber has arrived! It traveled all the way from South Carolina to the Black Sea. 

Unloading the lumber.

Unloading the lumber.

The lumber on the ground and ready to go!

The lumber on the ground and ready to go!

Foundation for the new building, awaiting our teams arrival. 

Foundation for the new building, awaiting our teams arrival. 

Thank you for giving to Victory Compassion Ministries and helping to make this possible! Please continue to pray for our team as they go, that God would give them divine appointments and connections and that their lives and the lives of many in Romania would be forever changed!

Team Romania 2016

Team Romania 2016

1st row (left to right): Katelyn Osborn, Donna Reed and John Sockaci

2nd row (left to right): Mark Summers, Ed Williams, Tim Yohman, Gary Schooley, Bob Barth, and Jake Brown

Missing from the photo: Aaron Hynek, Chuck Jackson and Kenny Sigurani

More updates to come! 


Welcome to the New Victory Compassion Ministries Website!

Welcome to the NEW Victory Compassion Ministries website. We are so excited to launch this new tool of connecting Victory Christian Center with our neighbors and nations of the world. 

Here you will find:

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We also will be updating this blog much more frequently with news of what is going on in VCC locally, around the world and testimonies and reports from our missions teams currently serving on the field. 

Feel free to explore and check out some of our new features... Just please excuse our dust as we are still updating and bringing everything over from the old site. 

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Team El Salvador 2016 - Update #1

                                                            Team El Salvador 2016

                                                            Team El Salvador 2016

We are so proud of all of VCC Team El Salvador and the incredible work they are doing for The Lord with Castillo Del Rey or "Kings Castle" Ministries in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Braving the far below freezing temps on Saturday morning, they packed up their bags and boarded a plane for the journey to Central America. From the moment they hit the ground there have been amazing reports and testimonies coming through! Here are just a few from team leader Mandy Diaz and others!

Mandy Diaz:  

"What a day we had! We went to church today & Don Triplet brought a powerful message . Who will fight your giant? 1 Samuel 17:45
He had an altar call where we we had the opportunity to minister to people who needed prayer.

As you know you go on mission trips thinking you are going to be a blessing to others but as always God does something in your own life. Dave Dilullo has been having a lot of pain inhis knees for a long time. We do a lot of walking here & he told his wife that when they get home he needs to see a doctor b/c of the pain. A man came up to Dave for prayer & when they asked him what he needed he said he has pain in his knees. Dave knelt down & prayed for healing for the man & as he was praying Dave felt the pain in his own knees leave. PTL! Continue to pray as we start our work week tomorrow!!"

Maria Cercone:

First day of ministry has come to its completion! What a wonderful day it was!! Our medical, hair, and evangelism teams left the construction team at the camp to work on their project, and we headed out to a place called Mira Flores. 

After a 2 1/2 hour bus ride we arrived at an Assemblies of God church. The hair and medical teams set up for the clinic and the evangelism team went out to do programs! We did three programs total, one program in the streets and then two at two different schools.
Our evangelism team did such an excellent job!! They passionately ministered the unconditional love of Jesus to the children. Beautifully, we are all operating as one team. Both Salvadorans and Americans alike, we are already coming together as one as we minister the Gospel.

During our second program of the day Tony Zarella shared his testimony with high school students. It was so impactful and we could see in the eyes of the kids, as he spoke they connected with the heartfelt sincerity of Tony's words. Pastor Andrew Hedglin then carried on the time of ministry and presented an altar call. Our lovely intern and one of Victory's own, Nicole Bone finished the call by speaking a strong message God had put on her heart. The youth that responded meant business with God. Their lives were touched. The empty void they had in their hearts was made full with Jesus' love. And that is why we're here!!!!
There were many salvations today and many numeric statistics to report, but the best report of all to make is that Jesus was made known today and now lives in the hearts of more of his precious children. His love is undeniable and it leads us!! 
Until tomorrow Victory Family... Amor y abrasos desde El Salvador!! (Love and hugs from El Salvador!!)"

Please continue to pray for health, strength and protection for each team - Evangelism, Hair cutting, medical and construction.





Operation Impact at Coitsville joined in with Now YoungstownYoungstown City Schools and the CIRV initiative at the Covelli Center in Downtown Youngstown, to give away over 2000 backpacks filled with school supplies to the kids and families of our city. It was an an amazing day! The sun was shining and everyone was so excited to bless our community.

We had over 25 Victory volunteers alone who came out to serve in different areas including, the carnival games for the kids, the prayer tent, food line, bounce houses, giving away the backpacks and serving people as they waited in line. They truly represented Victory well and served with ALL their hearts!

At one point I walked around the parking lot and literally could see Victory people serving everywhere! It blessed my heart so much to see our people come out and not only serve, but truly love on our city. (In two of the pictures you can see our very own Brenda Allen and Pastor Rita praying with families.)

I don't have a count yet from Pastor Al Yanno on how many people we ministered to that day, but there was lots of excited kids with their new backpacks filled with supplies and ready to go back to school this year.  

Thank you Bishop Thomas, Pastor Kathie and all of leadership for sending us out to serve and represent Jesus and Victory Christian Center well! 


And just like that.. Our Romania Team returns from the field and our El Salvador Team hits the ground running!


This team is represented by 4 of our 8 VCC Campuses including - Boardman, Liberty, Coitsville and New Wilmington and is led by the amazing Maria Cercone. They are an evangelism team out in the streets of San Salvador, El Salvador, loving on the kids and families of this beautiful nation and working with Kings Castle, whom we sent a team to serve with back in february. 


On day one they traveled there, day two they did team training to learn all the dances and drama's they would be performing on the streets. Day 3 and Day 4 updates are below.


Please continue to pray for them as they minister and share the love of Jesus. 



By: Maria Cercone


There are few things I enjoy more than the love of family!! With that said let me say that this morning we went to the main King's Castle church called The Tent of Miracles. Pastor Mario spoke about the importance of guarding our hearts. For me personally it was such a lovely time because I was able to see many of my former Last Harvest classmates, friends, and El Salvador 'family'!!!

In the afternoon we did our first program under powerful sunshine and heat in the middle of a street in Nejapa. Later we did another evening service held at a house church. Pastor Andrew and Josh Rouse lead the worship time, Nancy Kisling shared her testimony, and Nicole Bone preached the Word!
A woman in attendance had been going through a very difficult time and Danielle Phillips felt God put on her heart to tell this woman that, He would heal the wounds of her heart. The woman began to cry when she heard these word. Through Danielle's obedience to Holy Spirit Francesca, the woman truly felt a touch of love from God and the beginning of a great breakthrough.

When we returned to camp for our dinner we surprised Jason Walters with a cake and celebrated his birthday!!!! Following cake we rallied around him and the guys threw him into the pool!!! :)

What a great day and time we are having!!

Tomorrow we will hit the streets bright and early!! Keep the prayers coming!! God is good and we will declare His Love to this nation of El Salvador!!!!!




By: Laura Misotvich

Monday's over and what a day it was! Words cannot begin to describe how miraculous our time here in El Salvador has been!!!

Just as Maria had said that we would in her last post, we hit the streets bright and early this morning (but not until after we sat down for breakfast and kicked around the "football" with some of the most incredible disciples of God I've ever met--the staff and masters commissioners here at King's Castle, who serve with such humble hearts and warm smiles).

We went out to evangelize in a very impoverished city--a city of much unrest, with a lot of broken families and a lot of gang violence.  As we walked the streets, families welcomed us into their homes to pray for peace, health, safety and for breaking the chains of poverty.  At least one woman accepted Jesus into her heart for the first time.

It was incredible that even though there was a bit of a language barrier (for some of us), we were able to connect with people and families on such a deep level. There was so much compassion and so much love that you could just feel it. It was like we were able to communicate without the words. In fact, we even forget sometimes that some of the masters commissioners don't speak English because we've been able to communicate and form bonds with them already!

After evangelizing, we preformed our first program of the day.  Children and their parents gathered around to play, watch shows and most importantlyhear the good news of Jesus Christ.

During lunch, we continued to strengthen our bonds with team members with words of encouragement for one another.

Then it was back out to the streets for more evangelizing. God gave team members just the right messages and words to speak. Some of the nationals were so moved that they were in tears. Some took us into their homes and introduced us to their families for prayer. One woman, who was initially leery of us, got to her knees praying while we were ministering to her, and so we all got to our knees in such a powerful prayer session. Later on we were so overjoyed when she came with her 9-year-old son to check out our program. The Holy Spirit was just flooding the atmosphere in so many homes.

After that, we preformed our second program of the day.  Many of the nationals whom we'd reached out had come to see it. Even some gang members who were interested in hearing about Jesus came to the show.  nationals were so warm and accepting, and they had such smiles of gratitude. God moved in the streets of El Salvador and so much glory and honor and praise was given to Him!

During worship that night, the Holy Spirit was thick in the air. We just poured out our prayers for the people of El Salvador. I even spoke tongues for the first time!

Afterward, we fellowshipped. I got to hear some incredible testimonies about what God has done in my friends' lives.

It's been such an incredible and powerful experience. I never want to leave!

Love you all!